About this website

I didn't actually plan to create a website for this domain, but I ended up doing it anyway.

There were four things that needed a home:

  • An introduction document into Layer 2 encryption
  • An evaluation guide for Layer 2 enryptors
  • Market Overviews (e.g. "Layer 2 Network Encryption for Carrier Ethernet MANs and WANs, MPLS and IP") 
  • Articles I’ve authored on various sites:  Inside-IT, Inside Channels, IPSpace.net and on MoneyToday

Many articles were only published in German and some only in English. This website also gives a home for English versions of articles I've published in German only.

Many people have asked what I do for a living. And it's not that easy to explain. I do different things in different areas for different clients. That's why my main areas of activity can now be found described under "Services".

Specific content can be found under the sections "IT and Digitalization", "Network Security" and "Marketing". Additionally, various topics can be found under "News and Articles".


This website is still under construction.