"Exponential" by Azeem Azhar. Thoughts on the impact of digitalization on society.


Infrastructure, communications and applications   

Networks, data centers, cloud, scalable web applications. Highly respected and world-renowned expert Ivan Pepelnjak offers on his website not only his widely read blog, but also topic-specific webinars. Quite a few of which are freely accessible. If you want to know how networks work, it is the place to go.

Infrastructure and communication

Russ White sees his target audience primarily among network engineers. He provides his information in a vendor-independent manner and also has a focus on the history of networking.


MoneyToday covers a wide range of financial services including payment technologies and even has room for culture.

Finance 2.0 is the most relevant conference organizer when it comes to digitalization in finance and insurance.


Inside-IT and Inside-Channels offer daily Switzerland-oriented news from the IT industry and for the IT channel. There is also regular in-depth background information.

Mapping Tables ISO 27002 Annex A 2013/2022

Mapping Tables ISO 27002 2013/2022 and 2022/2013