Marketing is the totality of activities to create a product that can be offered on the market, the promotion to market the product and to make the product available. At the same time, it also includes the internal and external communication of a company and the customer services. A good reputation can only be earned, not bought. And it is worth its weight in gold in terms of external perception and thus also in marketing.

When it comes to marketing, many people only think of promotion, making a product known and maintaining a product's visibility. For that, it takes relatively little: It's enough to stand out, and to use multipliers so that you stand out in more places. Whether offline or online, the basic principle is the same. There are multipliers you can buy and multipliers you must earn. Some multipliers have long-lasting impact, others do not.

Without marketing, neither a product nor a vendor has real market opportunities. However, marketing can take different forms. Each company must choose the best approach for itself.