What for Whom

The world is complex. Digitization is advancing inexorably and increasing complexity. Much can be digitized, but not everything. Analog and digital coexist and need interfaces both internally and externally. Without IT, many things would no longer work as we are used to. But it is easy to forget: IT is a tool, not an end in itself. IT offers new opportunities, but at the same time brings new challenges and dependencies.

The IT industry has its own dynamics and its interests are not necessarily aligned with the interests of its customers. If the customer does not know exactly where he stands, what he needs and what he wants, he can only protect his interests against vendors to a limited extent. Decades of experience in different industries with a wide variety of vendors, channel partners and customers help to identify many problem areas and many unused opportunities and to find optimal solutions together with the customer. Every customer has specific concerns and needs. 

Marketing has its own basic mechanisms. For every company, the starting point is different. But the objective is the same: To find customers for its product. For that, not only promotion/advertising is needed, but also a good customer experience. Promotion/advertising is about multipliers. Not all multipliers are the same. Some can be bought, others must be earned. The multipliers that are earned are usually more valuable and efficient. 

Services Overview

The services offered include:

  • QuickAssessments (Alignment Business and IT, Security)
  • Assessment alignment business and IT
  • Assessment of efficiency and sustainability of IT infrastructure
  • Assessment of efficiency and sustainability of communication
  • Security assessment for products
  • Market & Marketing
  • Product
  • Assistance and problem solving regarding alignment business and IT, product and market

Areas and industries

The areas and industries covered, in collaboration with renowned specialists:

  • IT (infrastructure (including data center and cloud), applications, products, solutions, security and vendor relations).
  • IT Security
  • Fintech (banking, decentralized finance (DeFi), DLT-based solutions)
  • Insurtech (traditional insurance, DLT-based insurance)
  • Entertainment (audio, video, archiving)

By now, digitization has penetrated most areas in a wide range of industries. Therefore, much of what works in one industry is at least partially applicable in other industries. This applies to business models as well as to products and technical solutions.

Approach: Greenfield vs. Brownfield

The approach is dependent to the respective condition. If everything starts with a blank sheet of paper (greenfield), then the procedure is: (1) analyze, (2) understand, (3) find a good solution, and (4) help the customer implement it. If the goal is to adapt and optimize something existing (Brownfield), then the process is: (1) analyze, (2) understand, (3) suggest improvements to the existing environment, and (4) help the customer implement.



The size of a customer only plays a role in the QuickAssessments, since too much complexity, as is usually the case with large corporations, cannot be mapped accurately enough. In large corporations, the QuickAssessments often only work for individual departments. Otherwise, the services can be adapted for companies of different sizes, from SMEs to large corporations. The approach is adapted to the circumstances. A service provider should be at the service of the customer and carry out its work in the customer's interest.